About Us

At The KL Sky Clinic, the focus is always on unleashing your best version! Beyond treating a specific concern or a symptom, our highly experienced team of lifestyle specialists delve deep into its roots to suggest holistic solutions to achieve complete recovery and thus ensure wellness.

Dr Roland Victor

Dr Roland Victor is a Medical Doctor cum influencer in Malaysia. He specializes in the field of integrative medicine with key interest in hormone and nutrition balance. Having completed his medical degree, he pursued his master’s in public healthcare management. He also is European certified sport nutrition medical practitioner. And the list goes on. He has been in practice for over 15 years in both government and also private practice in Malaysia. Dr Roland is the key resident medical doctor at The KL Sky Clinic KL 1st Lifestyle and wellness clinic situated at The Soho Suites Kuala Lumpur just close to The Twin Towers. Having over 100,000 following reaches with over 2000 critical medical content over all social media form YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Dr Roland believes that preventive medicine is the only way to move forward in keeping people healthy. “Prevention is better than cure”

Dr Shashi Kumar

Dr Shashi Kumar found his passion lying in holistic health care where he can incorporate his medical knowledge with Primary Care & Wellness. He is also an avid learner, always ready to enhance his knowledge in order to render top notch services to his patients. Currently, he is also pursuing various courses related to the field of wellness and cell therapy. Equipped with the zeal to make this a norm in the society, he joined The KL Sky Clinic. His role as a director in the clinic includes overseeing the smoothness of the operation of the clinic, ensuring staff continuous learning, medical advancement as well as blogging and creating medical awareness. His focus is mostly on cell therapy and weight loss. Most patients come to consult him on nutritional balancing, hormonal balancing and various forms of cell therapy.

His networking affiliations include attending social events and functions around the country. Besides events in the country, he also attends symposiums and conferences in the region mainly on stem cell updates. He is also a member of the ASEAN anti-aging and wellness society.

The possibilities which lie in cell therapy and functional medicine are boundless and a super clinic or hospital devoted to preventive and functional medicine is what he envisions for the future of the kl sky clinic. In his free time, he enjoys keeping fit, reading and traveling to new places.